Monday, 15 September 2008

Life as a Dog or a Lobbyist?

OK, lots of members were not aware of the NSW local government elections. Lots of folks in NSW were not aware of the WA election, or that WA is now the work-horse of our economy. Liberals, Nationals, Labor, Greens and Independents - yes, it can be a bit much when day to day life of family and meals on the table is paramount. However, as a lobbyist representing the 4 million or so responsible pet owners, in addition to our agenda of a fair-share of public space, public transport, strata, renting and holiday accommodation, this is what we've got on the agenda:
  • Change of government in WA, with the Nationals holding the balance of power. We are lobbying the Nats in the belief that they more than any other party will recognise the economic importance of the dog to our communities.
  • Change of leadership and cabinet in NSW government - so we start again with the new ministers relevant to our agenda (ageing, police, health, local government, etc.).
  • Change of leadership in the Federal Opposition - to a professed dog lover. Time to walk more than the dog! Plus, an impending change in his ministry.
  • Working with newly election Local Government councillors in about 35 councils in NSW where we have pet issues affecting members.

All this work? THAT'S WHY BARKING MAD IS OFFERING FREE BEACH-SIDE ACCOMMODATION IN EXCHANGE FOR ADMINISTRATION WORK! If you would like to spend two weeks or more in the bush next to a dog & surf beach, please contact us urgently and provide details of your admin experience and skills!

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