Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Handle every situation like a dog

Thought For The Day
Handle every situation like a dog .
If you can't eat it or chew it,
piss on it and walk away

Zara - found, but with broken laws

Photo: our found girl on the left and Pema on the right.Finally got the dog out for a walk this morning. We found a very cute and well behaved girl dog on the beach without an owner. These are the 'offences' we are 'guilty' of today:

  • no id (our little dog didn't have a collar)
  • not under effective control (I didn't have an extra lead)
  • dog in prohibited space (I went to talk to the lifeguards about her)

There must be more! How about stealing? But then there is the prevention of cruelty act; so had I left her and she was injured, I would have been a party to that by not showing a duty-of-care.

I hope this one act of kindness is an example of how stupid some laws can be if authorities don't use appropriate discretion and look to the bigger picture.