Friday, 18 July 2008

Dad - more . . .

Cancer took another friend July 15. This gentle man, volunteer for Save-A-Pet, humble lover of non-humans, was one of "the last boy scouts," David Zey was a light in every dark room and my heard can hardly beat knowing what a sad loss this is for our communities. David was not about ego, power trips, accolades, limelight or the shallow places we sometimes find ourselves in. he was just a quiet generous man who work up at 5am every week to help other volunteers to drive 20-25 cats to a spay neuter clinic in Buffalo on this time, his dime, because it helped relieve the suffering of animals. What a gift he was to us.

I can remember my first Pick-a-Pet show. I was transporting a cat that was scared and had done her business all over herself, the pet taxi and me. Running over to help me was David. He cleaned everything up, calmed the cat and then me. He was doing what he did the best - selfless regards for others; always the boy scout.
Our small contingent of volunteers at Save-A-Pet have a black hole of grief. In his honour, if you read this, please spay and neuter your pets. Understand the beauty of being kind rather than rights. I need the community to know David Zey indeed was here. Deborah Keller, Medina.