Wednesday, 4 July 2007

My heart is joyful and my eyes have feasted on the breathtaking beauty from a simple dog walk on Umina Beach. Happily working on the computer this morning between radio and print interviews, the puppy Pasha decided that I had done enough. A walk was required to save the house from puppy destruction! Off to the beach we go with Pema, to the south end of Umina.

What a glorious day! Warm water, one gentle surf break just in front of the surf club and the warm westerly wind flattening the rest of the bay. Puppy had an abundance of children to play with due to school holidays and the proximity of the caravan park. Pema had 20 dogs to play with and I got to talk to about 5 different people - what joy! Why are Sydney people denied this pleasure of walking dog on the beach?