Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sponsor Wanted: Dogs in Advertising

It's really annoying to see how companies who can afford advertising use dogs to sell their product or service. It's annoying because these dogs are often in places where 'no dogs are allowed.' It's annoying because a false impression is created, such as a new housing development in Randwick Council showing an off-leash dog playing on the adjoining beach. Even the TV series Home and Away has dogs on the beach where us normal folks are told not to The last Federal election had an off-leash dog on the cover of the election guide, in 2008 and 2009 dogs have featured in Reg Mombassa's classic images created for Australia Day.

So, help us compile this list. We're going to target these organisations for sponsorship and to advertise honestly!
  1. Tropical Pineapples No kidding, click to view the TV ad.
  2. XXXX Beer - off leash dog on beach, near pub. View.
  3. More Beer - view
  4. And More Beer - dogs in the pub.
  5. A VW CAR - view
  6. Softdrink - view
  7. Electricity Supply - view
  8. A shipping company.
  9. Paint. And another one from Hungary.
  10. Toilet Paper.
  11. Warringah Council web site - dog off leash walking on track in an area where rangers regulatrily issue fines.
  12. Warringah council - had a dog on beach photo on the web until the day before Barking Mad's assembly at Curl Curl Beach.
  13. Channel 7: Home & Away - dog on beach in Pittwater Council.
  14. Still more Beer (USA)
  15. Yes, more Beer, very funny.
  16. Another Car
  17. A vacuum! (USA)
  18. Insurance (Queensland), also funny. Thanks for sending this one to us!