Saturday, 12 April 2008

Summit Dog

We attended the 2020 local summit in the most marginal seat in the country today. It was NOT a talk-fest. It was a wonderful to be with people who were engaged in their community and had practical solutions to ongoing issues - such as our 'growing' economy that is dependent on the cheap labour overseas, or the selling of public assets.

Our contribution was to the summit topic 'health' where I introduced Pema as a 24 x 7 health care worker. She will work for ten years or more, never needing a pay rise and without complaint. No, she can't change a nappy, but brings joy, i.e. respite, to both staff and clients at hospitals and in aged care. No one in health care disagreed. Why then is every obstacle put in front of people and agencies who want to expand the therapeutic experience by getting more dogs working with the ill?