Sunday, 26 August 2007

A great day at Manly Dog's Day Out - but at least two council people did not like that were were there, and that we were supported by the awesome dog and cat store, PetO. They harassed PetO for having the Barking Mad folks and brand - telling them they couldn't after they had paid for their stall! Council said only ONE brand could be represented.
PetO is a retailler - they (unlike Woolies) don't have their own brand yet. They sell many brands, including Barking Mad. What a show of fear by Manly Council. Most other stall holders were selling multiple brands, including Seaforth Vet (our neighbours) who were selling products and services, just like Barking Mad and PetO. We are waiting for an offical statement from Manly Council before we issue a press release. We have had a good relationship with Manly Council are we are supportive of the work they do to incorporate companion animals into their community. We would like to keep this positive relationship.