Thursday, 28 February 2008

No Sh!t - and no agreement

Barking Mad is a relatively new lobby group. We have no need to 'trash' any side of the political debate. We have 30 years of experience in lobbying, and as a lobbyist, that means we lobby for controversial issues. History is clear in showing us that many of these 'controversial' issues become commonplace - it's the lobbyists that are the leaders to get the public perception into the political arena. And yes, sometimes we suffer personally for it, and historically, many 'lobbyists' become 'heroes' only after death.

Minister Watkins didn't agree to anything as this article in the Telgraph implies. He is just confirming what we have asked to be publicised for nearly a year. Barking Mad located our statutory right when many other groups did not. Thank you to our members who supported us in this early vision and subsequent victory. Why did it take a violent arrest for our right to travel on PUBLIC transport to be acknowledged? Barking Mad works for responsible pet owners - the majority.