Saturday, 5 May 2007

Dogs in our Environment

Barking Mad supports the work of Warringah Council in raising awareness and providing practical tips at their World Environment Day event. One way Warringah can improve the environment is to allow rate-payers to use their many beaches to exercise and swim their dogs, instead of expecting these ratepayers to drive to Bayview or the Central Coast to enjoy the beach with their dog. Not everyone likes dogs, not everyone likes the beach - a community needs to share; be it time-share or space-share, sharing is required. The Salty Dog's Day Out will not interfere with the events of World Environment Day. We will encourage members to rock up and collect their free poo bags later in the day.

NOT ABOUT DOGS: Warringah has provided good facilities for dogs. We would like to see fenced off-lead areas and agility parks, but Warringah is a 'good' doggie council in many ways. Barking Mad is NOT about dogs. It's about sharing a community resourse with all membes of the community - including the 42% that have dogs as a member of their family.