Monday, 14 January 2008

Dogs are a Federal Issue

The Labor government has identified companion, assistance and working dogs as a positive contribution to:

  • physical health (walking)
  • mental health (socialisation and caring)
  • ageing (safety and socialisation)
  • safety in the home (an early warning system to intruders)
  • public safety (police statistics show people out walking reduces incidents of street crime and those with dogs are less likely to be the victim of an assault)
  • boosting the immune system of children age 2 and under when exposed to animals
  • our heritage (the dog was an essential companion and worker to the Aboriginals and the European pastoralists).

The next three to six months are very important for our work and for our vision of a safe and pet-friendly society. Kevin Rudd's team is back from the holiday they didn't really have and Barking Mad is back from a lucky holiday we did have. Each bullet point provides the new federal government with an easy win; it's not rocket science. Dogs (and pets) are important to our heath, our ageing community, public safety etc.

Sure, the media can sensationalize the incidents of aggressive dogs, but it pales when compared to the violence of human to human, and sadly by comparison, parent to child. These are politically unfriendly facts.

Members – we will be contacting you. If you have offered your assistance in any way, please expect a phone call from us. Every member who wants to be involved needs to meet with their state and federal representatives by the end of March. Every member who is able to contribute the time we need behind the scene to guarantee change will sign-up to the letter writing team.

If you are member who likes more direct action, please help us organize our next public rally (Sydney) on the 31st of March.There is MUCH to be done. Get involved if you can and if not, please stay informed and help build our membership base.

Barking Mad is off to court on the 15th of January to challenge Warringah council doggie fine in an area in which they have no jurisdiction. We're travelling by train (yes, of course, with dog), so it should be a great day.