Sunday, 17 August 2008

Our free membership.

Our free membership with survey has brought in many members, some of them actively participating. To an active member, I asked: Why don't they pay? (It's a lot less than a big bag of good dog chow and lasts longer). The response I got:
"They don't pay because they yet don't realise what Barking Mad is!!! They live in a take-your-dog to the beach paradise, and it hasn't entered their minds that they might go to the beach one day and find it covered in 'no dogs' or 'dogs must be on leash' signs (as happened recently just 1/2 hour away) and rangers hiding in the bushes, on a public holiday, waiting to pounce on people/dogs!!! They haven't read the whole Barking Mad site and haven't thought about discrimination of rentals to pet owners, or think it's something one must put up with."
To those folks who live where dogs are still welcome - enjoy; we hope it lasts.
And another view: lots of good people who volunteer struggle financially, lots of good people who have terrible health problems depend on their pet for companionship and joy. Our free membership makes sure we can include these passionate people in our pack.