Monday, 17 March 2008

The Opera House Cross

Even VIP guests can get stopped by uneducated thugs in uniforms - dog forbid if we were non-english speaking or non-anglo! (and no, we don't 'blame' the thugs - it's a bigger issue of acceptance and understanding).

What do you get when you cross the national broadcaster (a rooster), Opera Australia (a poodle) and security men who are sure they know the Opera House By-Laws (because they have a uniform and fewer brains than a cocker spaniel) so well as to tell you that Federal Discrimination Law doesn't apply on 'their turf'? You get Cockerpoodle doo!

Or - You get two apologetic agencies, and probably a promotion from security guard to police for a few staff of the cocker spaniel analogy above. Or - you get two reputable agencies and one Trust willing to walk their talk, educate their staff and promote access to arts such as the outdoor Opera was meant to do.

Cryptic Crossword? Not really. Just another example of three agencies with only two knowing the laws and the third pulling rank to the benefit of No One. Very similar to bus driver letting dog on bus, transit police not knowing the rules so calling the NSW Police to violently toss off a passive passenger and her placid dog. This time, it was the Opera House Trust uniformed men who rustled both male and female VIP guests of the ABC off the site with their (invited) assistance dogs. Miscommunication or ignorance? I think you know where Barking Mad stands on that question. We hope this unfortunate incident will lead to more education (Barking Mad has qualified workplace trainers), an apology and please - an opera we get to watch, not act in.