Tuesday, 22 July 2008

One member's view - and question

WHY ARE DOGS NOT ALLOWED? It is always a pleasure travelling through Europe with your pets; you can enter airports, hotels, clubs, pubs, restaurants, boats and maybe I've left a few things out. That was our life before returning back home to Australia.

Now it's a nightmare. You can find lovely accommodation to stay but, and that's a big but where to go? In some places you can have a coffee, but go back when the staff has changed and the rules have also.

We are so backward regarding enjoying travelling or just going out for a coffee with ones pet. There will come a time when it shall be accepted. TOO many so called do gooders and rule makers.

Lets wake up. Stop using our fears. If someone takes their pets out for what ever reason they must care. The RSPCA has enough unwanted animal don't you think so?
We keep hearing we are the best in the world, leaders or everything. Well how do we rate with animals? Think? And answer with truth .