Monday, 27 August 2007

One dog per family in Queensland

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING !!! I have heard the most amazing stories of discrimination today with transport and housing. This Gold Coast (insert expletive here) is true - have a look at Gold Coast City Council. Dogs are pack animals. Dogs are in Australia's heritage. Dogs are surf-lifesavers, police assistants and damn good company. It is as nonsensical to try to impose a one dog limit as it is to impose a one child limit in Australia. We must get Costello to call for one dog for the mother, one for the father and one for the country. Or more accurately:one rescued from an owner that couldn't get the dog to the vet because the bus wouldn't let him on with pooch, another rescued from Nanna because she was harassed about having a dog in the strata unit she downsized to after the death of Papa, and the third taken off of a back-yard breeder after the selling of live animals at pet shops was stopped!
The transport story is posted in the Act Now section of the web. Click here to read about puppy with broken leg having to walk 3km after being refused entry on a bus with his caring owners.