Tuesday, 22 January 2008

I take it for granted

I must, because the people I know in Sydney with dogs just don't experience the joy and delight their dog provides like I do. In no way am I saying my joy as a dog-guardian is any less than anoyone elses, it's just that everyday I walk on the ocean beach with dog, and most Sydney beach-side dwellers don't get to do that 'legally'.

Today the waves were big, the tide high, the clouds low and the lagoon was opened by the sea. People watched in awe as pressure waves rolled into the lake. And then their was William and Indy; a guy and his Australian Koolie. So simple, just sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in with endless talk about dogs and the surrounding beauty.

Observation of these last six months on the beach shows me that most of the people chatting are doing so with dogs. People without dogs cross each other on their walk and keep going. If the 300 people who die alone in NSW each year had dogs, would these people have died unnoticed and left to rot with neighbours just next door? My bet is that a dog would have put up a heck of ruckus if its owner stopped moving!