Wednesday, 25 June 2008

t-tests, Chi Square & regression

What does all this mean? Pet ownership positively associates with social interactions, civic engagement and sense of community. Most pet owners would say 'yeah, no kidding', but Barking Mad likes to work with science not hearsay. Read the paper published by the University of Western Australia "More Than a Furry Companion: The Ripple Effect of Companion Animals on Neighbourhood Interactions and Sense of Community." Other treats:
  • Households with pets outnumber homes with children, with internet connection and even homes with DVDs!
  • In research, the media's dominance on the potential negative consequences such as dog bites and noise is known as is the fact that these consequences are less prolific than the media conveys.

Barking Mad advocates that the potential risks of pets be considered within 'the weight of evidence (that) supports their health-enhancing potential' and 'costs that are vastly outweighed by potential health care savings.'