Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pema has passed

Pema is dead.  Tick.  Treated fortnightly. Hair clipped. Vet didn't think it was a tick, admitted he didn't do a thorough search and gave her a shot because she'd had cruciate ligament surgery (a year ago) and sent us back to the house we had rented for our holiday. Vet had 5 dogs in for ticks at the time and seemed to ignore the fact that Pema has been working cattle in a paddock for 6 months even though she'd had knee surgery.

Bad tick season because of wet and vegetation.  Next day she could not walk at all.  Back to vet where nurse found tick in 5 minutes in feathers on a front leg.  Pema crashed about 15 hours into treatment.  Can't recommend South Grafton vet.  Pema was sent on her way in a beautiful wild river in full flood.

I sit and watch you from my window,
Giving yourself away,
You've been working hard all day

I see the ground catch at your feet,
I see the sweet signs of defeat,
Like you're beaten but you feel no pain

And then you turn to me instinctively,
Checking if you're alone,
Like a reflex from my guilty mind

I fall away into the background,
Like a shadow on the wall,
To leave you with your peace of mind

I watch from my window up high,
All alone in this room,
So many people go the same way,
I think it's time that I changed my view

I got nothing got left to lose,
Well you're the part of my memories
That I never wanna live without