Thursday, 3 April 2008

Parliament Animals - NSW

Pema at NSW Parliament HousePema at NSW Parliament House Roof Garden with the children of one of our MPs. Another view of the NSW Parliament Roof Garden - no doubt a butt more tolerated than the (shock-horror) incident of dog poo - which is highly unlikely. OK, the question is - why do we tolerate this litter but not the occasional dog poo. To take it further, why can ducks, seagulls etc poo on our streets without a public outcry?
Barking Mad Equity for Pet Owners is now a registered lobby group in NSW. They won't miss us as we show up with dogs! Today was our first day in Parliament and we will be there most of next week. Free doggie travel bag to the member who chooses to sponsor our $220 lobby pass! Email Eedra.