Monday, 10 March 2008

Reserve the Axe for the Opera

Opera is a fantastic medium in which steal another person's property, take their partner and murder all the people who try to interfere before causing damage to yourself or the community around you. It's also a great forum to 'fall in love' but usually someone will die in the process, which is acceptable - in Opera. It's a place to take out aggression on someone you just don't like or discriminate because of their work or class. Barking Mad members and their assistance dogs are thrilled to be the guests of ABC Opera on the Big Screen in Sydney this Wednesday to enjoy the classic opera Carmen. It's another opportunity to demonstrate the benefit that 1 million 'assistance dogs' provide to a wide variety of people across Australia - and also how well trained (read quiet) these dogs are.

This BLOG is NOT an opera. Yes, Barking Mad has our share of drama, more in the form of discrimination or ignorance of the laws, than all the 'bad' things that dogs are blamed for. HOWEVER, Barking Mad is not an Opera. We want to hear to your opposition as well as glow in your support. Anonymous and personal attacks are not useful. Barking Mad is about community, not pets. Lots of things annoy us and we can tolerate them. Children can be SO difficult - but how can you help but love them? Some dogs are natural people pleasers, some require strong training, some are mistreated.

Is it not the same for people? We all go through phases. I'm still new to the blog thing but I'm quickly noticing that the few (and I mean few) people who strongly oppose our work refuse to identify themselves. I don't think this is the go. We as members show up with our pets, or look after our elderly parent with their pets. I want that transparency for all of us. I am looking to change the comment section so that you will need to be a registered user before posting. In doing so, I hope the debate continues, focusing on issues, not people. Remember, the majority of people have pets, public transport is for all, and pets are a known value to health and ageing. Facts - like it or not.