Sunday, 2 March 2008

No Animals at the Mardi Gras Parade

L-R: Pema (in pram), Kane (with boots), Eedra & Clover Moore MP before the parade.

Well, we did it; two Barking Mad members & dogs walked in support of Clover More, along with 100,000 others marching for various rights for a vibrant and diverse community - and for FUN. Having only watched the parade once before, and not having been in a parade since I was twirling a baton and a silly wooden rifle with wearing cute white boots at age 8 surrounded by giggling girls - AND, not being a 'crowd' person - despite Pema the dog being one - IT WAS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!

Would we do it again? While in the 'lock down' for three hours before the parade and after being HASSLED by another ignorant STA bus driver who hasn't been told of our right to travel with pets (and therefore upsetting passesengers), the operator refused to drive on and I could see this going crazy again. Eventually, she realised all was safe and well, but didn't miss an opportunity to be extremely rude when we got off the bus. SO tired of this... So would we do it again? NO WAY. That is until the parade actually started and the crowd went wild wanting to pet Kane and then thought Pema in the pram following was SO CUTE. The dogs were a big hit. We think they have fully passed their public access tests now - so please stop hassling us with well-behaved, highly-trained (and loved dogs).

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