Sunday, 27 May 2007

One more sleep

One more sleep. We're really looking forward to a morning with members and their pooches having a good time. All we will be doing is something the majority of dog owners can do - as long as they don't live in a Sydney coastal council. What's the HARM? See you in the morning for a sunny time.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Musings from the morning walk

A long ramble on matters legal resulting from a joyful daybreak walk on the beach with Pema.

10 degrees this morning as Pema and I headed to the beach at daybreak for a 2km walk. I must start a doggie walk BLOG. Every day I am grateful to be able to walk along the sea and watch Pema play with the waves, other dogs and run after seagulls. The chats with other walkers are lovely – before I head back to the office to make those northern beaches councils act sensibly! This morning we met fishers, two runners, one surfer, five little pooches and 2 perfumed women in designer track pants and clean shoes. Discussions were about the gorgeous sunrise, working dogs, how dogs behave better to other dogs when off-lead and of course, how Sydney residents are prohibited from the joy we experience every day on the Central Coast.

Now that Warringah Council has finally admitted what we’ve been telling members since we started (our right to legal assembly), I recall the tremendous effort from a group of Collaroy dog walkers to get a swimming area some years back. Council agreed, and shook hands on it. Then six or so other government agencies got involved, and council reneged – blaming another agency! SO, if council think they have the authority to declare dog and no dog areas under the Local Government Act or Companion Animal Act, why do they bow down to another agency? I mean, you have the authority OR NOT. And if they don’t have the authority to declare a dog beach – then what gives the authority to issue penalty notices for dogs on a beach? Is it in the legislation from these six other authorities that local councils can do this? There is doubt.

And, as I watch Pema the border collie run 300 metres and back along the beach, I wonder how council meets its’ requirement to provide adequate, appropriate and equitable services. The Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act says we must ensure our pooch has adequate exercise. Current facilities may provide this ability for small or older dogs, but can a rambunctious dog or one from a working background really be adequately exercised in a small off-lead area? There is doubt.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Right to Choose

For fifteen years Warringah has held out that dogs and beaches don't mix. Now that Barking Mad is putting pressure on them due to our member base in their area, they have said we leave them no choice (to oppose us for challenging their view). Do they have choice? One example comes to mind - how long did urban local governments make it virtually impossible to install a home water catchment tank if the residence had town water. DECADES! And now it's changed......a lesson in this example, perhaps?

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Shit on My Shoe

The Campaign for Cleaner Shoes The worldwide movement to eliminate poo from our streets, beaches and parks has come to Australia. Have your say at shit on my shoe.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Promotional Cards Available

Two new brochures available for download - promote Barking Mad to your friends. Click for colour brochure. Click for B & W cards.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

the BITE newsletter

the BITE version 2 is now out. Click here.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Dogs in our Environment

Barking Mad supports the work of Warringah Council in raising awareness and providing practical tips at their World Environment Day event. One way Warringah can improve the environment is to allow rate-payers to use their many beaches to exercise and swim their dogs, instead of expecting these ratepayers to drive to Bayview or the Central Coast to enjoy the beach with their dog. Not everyone likes dogs, not everyone likes the beach - a community needs to share; be it time-share or space-share, sharing is required. The Salty Dog's Day Out will not interfere with the events of World Environment Day. We will encourage members to rock up and collect their free poo bags later in the day.

NOT ABOUT DOGS: Warringah has provided good facilities for dogs. We would like to see fenced off-lead areas and agility parks, but Warringah is a 'good' doggie council in many ways. Barking Mad is NOT about dogs. It's about sharing a community resourse with all membes of the community - including the 42% that have dogs as a member of their family.