Monday, 21 January 2008

Dear Abby

We are Barking Mad. We wrote to Abby Rudd - yes, the DOG - at the Lodge. Read our letter here, it's been smell-checked by Pema before we sent it. We figure she is top dog now, and a non-labor voter in the post-office today told me Keven Rudd went up in her opinion after she saw the photo of him with Abby! It's all political - dogs here, no dogs there - is there any common sense?

We urged Abby to get her pack leaders to pay attention to the big (meaning federal) issue that is PETS. Why? Because companion, assistance and working dogs are a positive contribution to health, ageing, public safety, our heritage and more.

We anxiously wait our reply with paws crossed. Are you tired of seeing no-dogs allowed signs? Sign up to our letter writing team. (We usually write people, not dogs in case you are concerned about our sanity). Each letter can count for the view of 100 voters and that's good for dogs.