Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Click to Make our Community Pet-Friendly

I hope you have all received our email from our new database; it's an expensive email database system so I hope it provides a worthwhile service to members. PLEASE do click the links and send a letter to the members of parliament we are lobbying. Just like your membership, each letter counts for 100 votes. This email system allows us to view the click-throughs so we can have an idea of how much mail our politicians are receiving from Barking Mad members and supporters. I hope at least 50% will spend the few minutes to send an email so we can make more pet-friendly communities - faster!

Your action is needed now to:

  • support more off-lead dog parks in Sydney

  • to create a national public transport policy for us and our pets

  • bring common sense to Local Government dog laws
  • help make Barking Mad financial - donate (small amounts help too) or find us a sponsor