Saturday, 13 October 2007

Drummoyne Dogs Day

We received great support at today's Drummoyne Dogs Day Out. So many people were shocked to hear about the 'one dog per family' law in parts of Queensland. It was not a crowded event, but we gained more new members than at any other event except for the 1 April beach event at Curl Curl. I think the quietness enabled us to tell people what we were about, what we had achieved, and what we are in the process of achieving -- so they signed up. We got three good sponsorship leads as well. Barking Mad is now an established and mature enough organisation to seek sponsorship; besides, I want to earn a wage! We are seeking a major sponsor of $100,000 + a year which is not much for a national lobby group. Sponsorship for parts of the organisation are also available such as media, printing, web costs, postal costs etc.
A special thanks to Judith, Liliane, Cal, Malc and J for assisting today. That support made it a very enjoyable day. It also enabled Pema and I to enter the BEST KISS competition and yes, we won a much needed bag of dog chow. (Things you just don't know and may not want to know about the Barking Mad founder - but the competition involved Pema kissing the organiser of the event!)