Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Salty Dogs Day Out

Barking Mad has now been invited by four Sydney councils to present our draft policy for access for responsible animal owners. All this has happened before our premier event, the Salty Dogs Day Out. It's good news. We have the support of the mayor of Mosman, Manly and Sydney. We have received their well wishes for 1 April. The Administrator of Warringah declined our invitation, and we are still waiting to hear from the Pittwater Mayor.

Pittwater Beach Dogs

Ok, do tell. How many people noticed the couple walking along Station beach at Pittwater with their DOG on Australia's prime-time soap Home and Away tonight?

  • Were these people breaking the law?
  • What harm did it do?
  • Is it ok for television but not for resident ratepayers and visitors?
  • Does anyone remember the Border Collie on the Beach pushing the big lotto ball add in 2006?