Thursday, 31 January 2008

A Fine Dog Ticket

Some time not too long ago in our Australian history, a dog ticket was a ½ price fare for your dog. Also in those times, many dogs were not vaccinated or de-sexed and most had fleas in the warmer weather.

Yet now, a dog ticket is what the uniformed men in grey with boots and mace give you when pooch is resting on the floor under your feet – taking up no extra space, and it’s $100.

These transit police were the nicest uniformed men I’ve met in a long time. They didn’t want to give me ticket; they wanted to give me warning. I received the ticket joyfully and was just about to tell them about Barking Mad but their station had arrived and they had to leave. 'Don’t go', I said, after they had both declared themselves dog lovers. 'But we have too, sorry'. They took the Barking Mad card with them and thanked me.

I received a ticket for doing what every Australian should be able to do –travel in an environmentally friendly way using PUBLIC transport, with their quiet, clean and well-behaved pet. Off to court we go. Read about our pets on public transport policy and lobbying here.