Monday, 1 June 2009

Back to Work

Pema is back to being a four-legged dog a few months after surgery. People who see her now comment that she is much brighter and happier then just a couple weeks ago. I don't notice it as much, but I do notice that she is delighted to be back at work delighting people - if only for a moment during their day.

After a visit to a hospital ward, I attended a public meeting about ageing held at a community centre. I arrived early and sat in the back of the room - with Pema. Never alone when Pema is with me in her element (anywhere there is a crowd), other early arrivals made a beeline to doggie and it was all chatty with smiles and a very friendly atmosphere even though none of us (with exception of the dog) had been introduced.

Upon leaving the meeting, and passing by the office of the community centre on our way out, one of the Council staff felt compelled to run out of her office to tell us 'no animals allowed' or some other waste of authority. It was a priceless moment, for at the very same time, an elderly couple came out of a room oppositite and were very vocal about Pema's beauty, sweet face, quiet nature, soft fur, etc. Ms. Council worker quietly shrunk back to her office.

Note: The community centre hosts residents with their pets on a regular basis; people who attend evening meetings such as AA or Weighwatchers bring their pets, and there are shows and classes involving pets. I wish the pet-nazi's would go after litter, public drunkenness and graffiti and not something that is causing no harm while bringing joy to so many people and building community. What would pet-nazi done if the pet was a rat and she didn't SEE it?

. . . The cost of graffiti clean-up across Australia exceeds $300 million a year.