Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Every Dog's Day has Arrived (again)

Hi everyone. Yes, we're still here. It's been a big week with the assistance dogs campaign, work with transit folks and our presentation to Warringah - where Barking Mad all began. Lots of Sydney members have really enjoyed being able to travel on buses with their pets, though lots of bus drivers are still confused about our right to travel. Today one of our members with an 'invisible' disability travelled to Canberra and back with assistance dog for the first time. Until he came to know Barking Mad, he didn't know he had this right, so he had to make other arragements for himself and for the dog. It was a big pain! No more!
We're working on getting the web updated with all these fantastic stories. If you are a member of Barking Mad and can help out in the office for a day or two, we can do a great swap with our beach-side bush office on the central coast of NSW. We can accomodate up to three people and three dogs as long as they won't eat the one remaining cat in the house. See the members area for more details. Thanks to everyone who attended the Warringah meeting. Barking Mad is establishing ourselves as a powerful lobby and moving out of our 'start-up' phase. It's all thanks to the members!

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