Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Death, Apathy & Desire

DEATH: Today we mourn the loss of Lucy, the standard poodle loved by Irene, one of the original members of Barking Mad.
Lucy replaced the irreplaceable Ebony, who died 3 weeks after a diagnosis of cancer after a long life 10 years ago. Lucy brought surprise and joy to her human carers hearts – how is it that a replacement dog can become ‘even better’ than the best dog ever? Lucy lived in the same place and had her daily walks in the same areas for her 10 years. The tick that ended her life was the first tick she ever had.
Lucy died in intensive care, and was calm during her treatment and ultimately in her passing. We really thought she would pull through. These two middle-aged women found a labourer in the local paper to dig Lucy’s final resting spot in the yard she danced upon for her life. As things happen, he too was grieving the loss of his dog to a tick just 3 weeks earlier. His work placing Lucy in her resting place was healing for him. For us, it was restorative of the good of people, especially those who love animals who live a much shorter life than us. We grieve – and we will do it all again, for the love of dog, for the loyalty, for simple pleasures of a wag, a wave and a bark. Donations in memory of Lucy can be made to Sydney Wildlife.

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