Friday, 12 September 2008

NSW local government ELECTION

We have surveyed and rated as many candidates as possible. We have recommendations on HOW TO VOTE for "our families, our dogs" in the following areas:

Coffs Harbour
North Sydney

Have a look at our candidates and find out who is BEST IN SHOW, TOP DOG, IN TRAINING or JUST IN PUPPY SCHOOL.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! It would be good to keep the score card going after the election too. That way we the general public can stay informed on what councils are doing and how they are responding to the issues of equitable access etc. One suggestion if I may, in terms ofappeal to the broader community it might be better to change the language from "doggy speak" which reads a little childish/condescending towards the councillors to normal language that captures more accurately what is under discussion? So instead of "puppy school" maybe hostile towards/dismissive of peoples rights as that is what is really happening and has repercussions in other areas of councillors competencies/decision making processes. I have always been a staunch labor supporter but voted green in my council based on their response to you posted on the web site. Anyway, great stuff and thanks.

Eedra at Barking Mad said...

Thank you, glad we could help. Our transport policy fits right in with current Green policy so we hope to get it through with Green support.

It would have been nice if more of our members in the 59 council areas of NSW would have surveyed their candidates as 1500 was a bit much for one person to do! Comment taken on 'doggy speak', but our survey was so limited and specific, I didn't want to appear to be rating candidates on anything BUT the pet owner issues.