Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Beach Dog

Need some fun - too much lobbying with NSW Local Government Elections, change in NSW State Ministry, WA change of government and new Federal Opposition. LET'S GO WALKIES.

The purpose of the proposed assembly:
  • Call attention to the requirement of Newcastle Council by way of the Local Government Act to provide adequate, equitable and appropriate services to the community, and that dog-friendly beach access for 40% of ratepayers with dogs is a service that is not now being adequately provided.
  • Promote the integration of responsible dog owners in society.
  • Demonstrate the health and fitness aspects of exercising on beaches for humans and supervised dogs.
  • Call attention to the hierarchy of governance, Local Government’s lack of a Crown to govern in its own right.
  • Promote peaceful political expression as an implied right in the constitution.
  • Invite Newcastle Council to respect this constitutional right without the need to undermine it by touting council by-laws.

Assembly invitations, details and conditions here.

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