Friday, 25 July 2008

Six Years of Hiding our Right to Public Transport

"Just thought you’d be pleased to hear I was successful yesterday in taking my dog on Newcastle buses for the first time. I had the support of a letter dated 14/2/2002 from Michael Deegan, Director General, Transport NSW advising that 'companion animals are permitted to board bus or ferry services. … at the discretion of the operator, keeping in mind the safety of other passengers, the cleanliness of the animal and whether the animal is restrained.' The driver was somewhat sceptical but acquiesced nonetheless."
Ian McKenzie
Councillor (Greens)
Newcastle City Council
Barking Mad Comments: YES, that is a letter dated 2002 - what other rights do they try to keep hidden from responsible pet owners? How about Council's lack of authority on beaches as stated in a plan of managment?

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