Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pema Leads...Daily Telegraph

Welcome (again, with gratitude) to our members and a special welcome to new readers who have arrived here because of the Daily Telegraph article. If you are, were or want to be a pet owner, and support what we do (even if not HOW we do it), I ask you to JOIN. By joining (for less than a bag of premium pet chow), you make your vote count.

If you think pets are dirty, not-welcome in cities, or that they are all owned by irresponsible people, I offer you the following to consider:
Independent research (facts) show that the vast majority of pet owners are 'responsible' and aware of their obligation to share our community resources.

  1. Pet owners make a significant contribution to our national economy.

  2. Overwhelming evidence exists of the utilitarian value of pets (mostly dogs) to the aged, infirmed, disabled and to building community.

  3. Yep, there are 'idiot' owners just like there are parents who let their kids act illegally, men who feel a need to urinate in public stairwells, and people who chose to be violent towards another person or to break into their personal space.

  4. There are also 1 out of 5 Australians who suffer from a disability and effects of certain disabilities can be commonly misunderstood. (Bi-polar folks are amongst many of our top achievers).

  5. Lastly, a fact that few want to accept because 'blame the dog' is so much easier, is that a child is at least ten times more likely to be injured at the hand of their parent or guardian than a dog.

  6. Lastly, another fact that is unwelcome in the media, is that the largest category of dog owner is a family with children.
Barking Mad accepts your view of pets and asks you to respect ours. If you support our work, please make a donation. Even a charity can't work without $. Each week I hear the stories of support that pets have provided in difficult times. Would people be left alone to die in a unit if they had a pet? My bet is that the pet would raise the alarm.

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