Saturday, 29 March 2008

A members journey...on public transport with Mojo

For a multitude of mishaps and reasons member M.B. had to travel from Sydney to Newcastle by train instead of driving on a weekend. Here is her story: All was well with my killer miniature poodle until guard 4904 walked through the train approaching Newcastle. It was obvious 4904 was having a VERY bad day. His conversation with me was extremely heated and volatile and he threatened to throw myself and killer Mojo off the train, (which did send me into a panic as I didn't have the resources for a cab AND I had a considerable amount of luggage).

His attitude was sufficiently hostile and loud that on his departure other passengers came to offer support. He paid me a further visit to reinforce the ruling (and further distress everyone in carriage) and at Fassifern he approached the carriage with the Station person in tow. The train was held for almost 10 minutes for my dog who had slept on my lap or on the floor for almost the entire journey. With a 'suitable' amount of huff and bluster 4904 finally announced that I would be permitted to continue to Broadmeadow but that the police would be waiting for me.

(Must admit to a certain amount of glee when passengers behind me laughed out loud at that stage). Got to Broadmeadow and was so thankful that the police had decided they had better things to do with their day and failed to turn up for our 'scheduled' rendezvous! Although I must admit I was keen to see Mojo's 'mug' shot! One of the passengers, who had been particularly supportive, was rather delighted to see the look on the guards face when we walked off the platform as free as birds! Hope none of you have had a day like mine. Regards Member M. G.

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