Thursday, 27 March 2008

Clontarf dog swimming

This tidal area has been an 'informal' dog swimming area for the past 50 years. Manly Council want to make it 'legal'. Although we doubt their jurisdiction to do so (and are in court over such at a matter a present), it is a recommendation we support. A designated off-lead dog area lets the public know that dogs have priority and makes sure adequate rubbish bins are provided.
HOWEVER - no one likes change, and even this positive action has raised the hackles of a few residents who have lived with status-quo for years and never before had a problem - until now.

We're working with the local dog owner's group and will be campaigning at 'Sandy Bay' this Saturday between 10am and 2pm for sure with a possible assembly the following weekend. Join this campaign. Watch video - go to Telegraph TV and scroll to dog-of-war.

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