Saturday, 9 February 2008

Wet Dog

Only a wet dog photo would be appropriate in the deluge coastal NSW has been experiencing for most of February and a lot of January (send in your wet-dog photos!). We have a tin roof, which makes phone conversations near impossible in this weather. It's difficult to think of all the other things we have happening in this NOISE, but I'll try.
  • NSW - We are meeting with lots of State members to advance our draft amendment to the Companion Animals Act, get pets on public transport as is supported by the State Plan and raise issues of discrimination of renters, unit dwellers, the aged and those with a disability.
  • Syndey -This is important for all of us nationally. We put in a 26 page submission to the City and wrote letters representing members' views. Read letters here (members sign-in required).
  • TRANSPORT PASSES - not needed to travel on Sydney buses, but helpful. I am doing a bulk order for members in hope that they will take less than the three months it took to get mine. Members, to get a STA bus pass email me.
  • Queensland - What a bland response we are receiving in regards to the 'one dog per family' policy. Many members have commented on the lack of humanity, responsibility or even care in the response from member Warren Pitt. We will change strategies, stay tuned.
  • Federal - We are meeting with Federal Members to raise the profile of dogs (and pets) to health, aged care and independence, public-safety and also for national transport guidelines for pets on public transport. I've heard more than one story of holiday-makers who needed to get home after a vehicle break-down and found themselves stuck because of their canine companions.

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