Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Argo, a common scents dog meets the Transit Police

We love these stories from members about how they were ultra-responsible for their dog only to get 'done' by someone (often being in a uniform). When we STOP hearing these stories, we will have achieved a safe and pet-friendly society. So, onto the story....Argo travelled to Sydney with Mum to pick up a young relative from Central Station. Mum checked with Central Station that this would be OK and was told it would be. Mum and Argo moved through the turnstile past two lots of Transit Police all ok to meet the arriving country train on a Sunday at 7.30pm.

Relative arrives, everyone leaves the platform and moves to the main station by the newsagent where numerous people are smoking. Soon Argo is greeted by two security guards who said no dogs were allowed on railway property for fear of railways being sued if Argo bit (or barked at) someone. They said it was a $400 fine, so our member left. Next time, no doubt, she'll take the fine and challenge it. She also felt harassed by the security guys who turned a blind eye to all the smokers who just happened to levitate out of the area while this conversation about little Argo was taking place.

Argo (being a senior) is now more convinced than ever that he does not want to be reborn as a human.

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