Saturday, 15 August 2009

Public Transport - Small dog Big bark

The report from the Senate Inquiry on Public Transport will be tabled in federal parliament on 20 August. Members of Barking Mad contributed 10% of the submissions received - just for us and our dogs. Well done for our small, unfunded lobby group!


Be positive – our submissions for dogs on public transport were a full 10% of submissions received – this is massive! For a tiny, struggling organisation, this is such a great show of our influence.
  1. Write letters to the editor. Use your local paper and the Greens media page for easy access to the media.

  2. Write, call, fax AND email your federal member. If you don’t know your electorate, find it here.

  3. Write to the Greens. We want them to add pet owner access to their public transport policy. Email Bob Brown, party leader and Senator Ludlam, spokesperson for public transport.

  4. HELP AT THE BARKING MAD OFFICE. We are beachside on the NSW central coast in a dog friendly community on a dog friendly beach. Accommodation available and help is desperately needed even for a day (due to my ill-health).

  5. FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE WHO IS WILLING TO CLICK A FEW BUTTONS for our pets. Remember that each letter received by a member of parliament is counted as the view of about 100 voters.

  6. EMAIL DOGS NSW. Suggest they work WITH us (not just plagiarise our work). Transport contact, office contact.

  7. Send a press release. If you can help us get a press release out, or would like to make a donation so that we can hire someone to help, please email me .

  8. Make a donation - $5 or more - we are resourceful and every $ counts. Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633-000, Account: 128910064

  9. AND USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT WITH YOUR TRAINED DOG! Enjoy the community and conversation just because you're joining the masses with a beautiful friend!


Anonymous said...

I'm just interested in what you mean by "AND USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT WITH YOUR TRAINED DOG!"

By "trained dog" do you mean Assistance Dog?

Not all states allow pets on public transport, I'm only aware of NSW that allows them on board. Are there any other state that allow pets on pubic transport?

It may help if you make a note of which states do and do not, so that people don't get caught out.

Eedra at Barking Mad said...

Good question. Trained just means suitable for public transport - able to deal with noise, crowds, confined space, etc.

We have many members who want access to public transport, but have dogs they wouldn't personally take on a bus due to their boisterous nature or other reasons.

Check previous posts and the members area (and our draft policy) for an overview of regulations in each state and territory.

In general, contained animals are ok - we like to point out that no one every makes a fuss about travelling with pet rats! And lots of folks travel with small dogs in handbags and the like.

We provide state-specific information to members - and knowing the regulations does not mean you won't be 'caught out'. I was arrested because the sydney bus offices (not the driver) didn't know their own statutory regulations!