Monday, 2 March 2009


Sometimes it takes a while to find your friends or to find out who your friends really are. We've found quite a friend - called Manimalis!

Manimalis believes that all people have the right to be close to animals in any stage of life, as long as the animal is properly cared for and does not disturb those who do not wish to be close to animals.

They are a Scandinavian organisation working to increase awareness of companion animals' positive effects. "Manimalis strives to create a society that is planned and designed with the specific needs and desires of pet owners in mind". Sounds quite a bit like the work of Barking Mad to create safe and pet-friendly communities.

It was founded in 1989 (the year Barking Mad's proprietor (that's me) met the shores of Australia having crossed the Pacific by yacht to participate in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race). The name Manimalis, is an abbreviation of Man and Animal in Society.

Manimalis is sponsoring the People and Animals: For Life conference in Stockholm 2010. This is the 12th conference for IAHAIO. I.A.WHO? That's the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations. Barking Mad needs to be with I.A.Who....

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Flix said...

The naivete of attempting to equate public risk with fines astounds me. Surely you understand that the thousands of fines to which we are subjected have nothing to do with the protection of the public. It's all about $$$, these fines are simply another form of taxation.We must put all our energy into removing these fines all together, not simply having them reduced. Legislation doesn't change human behaviour, it never has.
I object to discrimination against pet owners on public transport, but there is a positive side,I'm forced to spend less time with humans which I see as a blessing.