Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bushfire Pet Assist

If you would like to make a donation toward helping dog owners and their pets who have been affected by the bush fires, here are some suggestions:

Animal Aid - The Victorian Animal Aid Trust is providing free vet care and supplies for cats, dogs, horses, goats, etc. Make a financial donation at Bendigo Bank or supply badly needed hay or oaten chaff.

Fun4Paws - Offering homes for emergency care for dogs.
Accepting cash donations via bank deposit.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital - Pets caught in the cross fire.
Accepting donations of pet food, blankets and money to support their provision of free vet care and foster care.

RSPCA Victoria
Please check their website for the latest updates and needs.
Make a financial contributions and donations of pet bedding, food and animal care-packs.

DOGS Victoria Bushfire Appeal
Support the appeal financially, offer pet accommodation and participate in the International Virtual Dog Show.

1 comment:

bonefido said...

This disaster has highlighted the way we view our pets as members of our family.

It's time that public policy about access to public transport, to rental accommodation and holiday accommodation as well as community resources such as beaches and parks reflects the importance of pets in our lives - and our nearly 5 billion dollar per year contribution to the economy.

We want our companion pets with us - when appropriate!

If that means taking a bus to a restaurant in our town where dog will sleep under our table, or taking a bus from Victoria to NSW with a well-behaved dog - than LET US.

During this awful time, none of the bus operators getting people out of danger said "SORRY LOVE, NO PETS,” but in any other time, bus operators in Victoria would say that.

So here we have a situation where pets may be extremely stressed, yet we allow them on bus transport which is not 'allowed' in Victoria.

You can travel on a train in Victoria with your pet, but not a bus. In NSW you can travel on a bus or ferry with your pet (not that anyone including the operators know it), but not a train.

In a crisis, we want our family which may include our pets. Public policy should reflect this.