Thursday, 1 January 2009

Training and busing with our dogs - Column 8 continued

Column 8 Today - Sydney Morning Herald
"Fixing RailCorp's grammar (December 23) might be of academic interest," comments Richard Ure, of Epping, "but the point raised by Eedra Zey from Woy Woy in Friday's Column 8 is more fundamental.
  • If a dog is not allowed on a level crossing, how about a horse?
  • Or a mob of sheep crossing a line in the bush?
  • Or a dog in a ute?
  • For city folk, how about a dog, or any animal, caged or otherwise, crossing railway station concourses at places like Epping, Eastwood, Chatswood, Meadowbank and many similar urban crossings?
RailCorp owes us guidance. Or does it just want the fine?" We, too, cry out for guidance from RailCorp, in these troubled, uncertain times.

Dec 23
About the 'No pets not allowed' State Rail business of Friday," writes Teena Hughes, of Rozelle: "I was thinking that perhaps a shiny new comma or full stop could make this poster make sense. As in, 'No, pets not allowed', or, 'No pets. Not allowed'. I suggest everyone who travels near these signs can fix them immediately by adding either one - we'll leave it up to the public, shall we? Take a black marker pen with you, just in case.

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Anonymous said...

In Melbourne Travelling with Pets on trains is a lot to different to Sydney. Current timetables printed for Connex:

Travelling with Pets
Guide Dogs can travel free on all public transport services.
Other pets are allowed to travel free on our trains within some constraints. Small pets must travel in a suitable container and large pets must be attached to a lead or harness. Dangerous dogs (as declared under legislation) must be muzzled.