Monday, 8 September 2008

RSPCA Australia, Dogs, Climate Change & Public Transport

We contacted Western Australia RSPCA during the State Election Campaign to gain their support for pets travelling with their responsible guardians on public transport. As Labor was running a public transport campaign, we thought we better get in and make sure the 65% of us with pets are not left out of this infrastructure plan. Read our transport briefing paper here.

Due to some quick action from the WA RSPCA office (thank you!), we have achieved support from RSPCA AUSTRALIA as follows:

"The RSPCA believes that dogs play an important part in the lives of their owners and families. We would like dog owners to have the opportunity to include their dog in activities which may involve travel on public transport provided that the dog involved could deal with this sort of situation and it could be managed in such as way so as to not impact on other transport users."

We will continue to lobby the W.A. government, along with all other governments for a national policy allowing pets to travel with their responsible owners. We watch with interest as the National leader Brendon Grylls (and his beloved three-legged dog) looks to hold the balance of power.

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