Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Two beautiful, sunny warm days and a spectacular lunar eclipse have passed. Throughout Monday of this week, I listened in amazement while (independently) four pet owners from three states came to Barking Mad with upsetting stories of discrimination. I struggle to come to grips with the distress these situations cause people AND the fact that they are not alone. So many people trying to live a normal life in our 'fair-go' society get, well, crapped upon, just because they have a pet; and I'm talking about 'responsible' pet owners who accept that pooch or puss needs to fit into society.

The stories:

  • Several Queensland local government areas limiting a family to one dog unless they can afford a house on land over 600m2 - by law! (but you can have 5 racing greyhounds).

  • Renters in Albury NSW not being able to find a home because they have a dog.

  • A member in Victoria who has lived in a strata complex for ten years with her dog and who is just now being told it can't be outside.

  • And, locally in Sydney, a member being refused access to a bus on the Northern Beaches twice in one day.

Perhaps it sounds like four incidents to you, but Barking Mad is involved in so many matters concerning housing, it's a shock. We need more help to handle things - email or call if you can volunteer your time or money. Please listen to our Pet Talk Radio interview - and you can even watch the video - but it's not very exciting!

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