Friday, 8 August 2008

Remembering David (my Dad)

Remembering David (his memorial as written by his mates in Niagara Falls, NY).

"It's been a good ride" said David Zey, Save-A-Pet volunteer, shortly before he passed away at The Niagara Hospice House on Monday, July 14th. You may remember him from Pick-A-Pet Shows, fund-raisers, or spay/neuter clinics. He was at all of them. He would help in any way he could but you will probably remember him as our unofficial greeter with an infectious smile and outgoing personality.

David was an indispensable volunteer although he would deny it. As much as we would love to, David understood that we could not save all the animals. He refused to be discouraged and did what he could which lifted our spirits when we were frustrated. Try to thank David and he would modestly say "We choose to do this."

"I can carry boxes," he would say. He helped with so much of the hands on, grunt work necessary for any successful event. Save-A-Pet President Chris Halvorson described him as "a modest person who consistently UNDER estimated his impact on out group."

We love David not only for what he did for the animals and us but for who he was- compassionate about animals and passionate about irresponsible people. He has left a huge hole in our organization but more of an empty place in our hearts. We will remember you, David. Thank you. We love you and thanks for letting us come along on your ride.

(David's daughter, Eedra, lives in Australia. Visit her website to read her tribute to her Dad.
Eedra's comments: As my Dad was intolerant of irresponsible people, so too I. I choose a slightly different approach that is supporting the responsible pet owners instead of cleaning up after those we are intolerant of. Fortunately, these are the majority in our Lucky Country. Responsible pet owners need to be allowed to live a 'normal' life with their pets, such as having access to beaches, parks, cafes and transport. Let those keen rangers go after the idiots, not us. I ask everyone who is involved in pet rescue to join Barking Mad so that we can limit pet surrenders by making pet ownership more welcome in our communities

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