Thursday, 14 August 2008

Name our Party

Should we form a political party? Currently, responsible pet-owners are unrepresented. The Shooters look after the 'guns, dogs & 4WD' folks, but who represents us? Some food for thought on forming a party.

Tools to get us ahead:

  • Disillusionment with the current political landscape
  • A dream for the future, howevery flimsy
  • A catchy grab to sum up you dream for the future
  • Too much time
  • A knack for avoiding questions
  • A scapegoat
  • Our very own trumpet


Thanks to Sian White for this post.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding! Of course you should. Family First, the Shooters and an Independent are now the gatekeepers. Cricky, more of us have dogs than children at home and who is helping US? Go DOGS!

Anonymous said...

why not start with something more effective and simple like getting petitions signed for opening beaches and access to public places and if the support is really there think about formin a party. It might be better for a political note such as a party to engage with other pertinent issues like regulating the vet and like industries as i think you will find all set owners find them overpriced and unaccountable.

Anonymous said...

what policies would the party take to election and of the 94 percent of members that are in support of the one mentioned iin the post how many people does that estate to in real numbers?

Anonymous said...

RE name the party. I think the name (and yeah - I have no suggestions as of yet) should not be confrontational. Sometimes a conservative woman one meets in the dog park and tells about Barking Mad looks a bit askance at the name. Maybe they assosciate it with insanity or with the propensity to do over the top or out of control things. Even shades of Mad Cow. If one is playing a numbers game the name should not be confrontational - and should not, in any way, relate to poop. Sometimes boring initials - if arranged right can work. There was a Beach Access Reform Coalition a few years ago and I am NOT suggesting this name is used - it is probably copyright but it abbreviated nicely to BARC. Something similarly clever and relating to an innocuous aspect of canines would be good.

Eedra at Barking Mad said...

Barking Mad replies: Funny, I posted this mostly tongue in cheek and as a jest at single issue parties, yet it gets all these comments!

We don’t do petitions per see, it’s not as effective as other methods for a State and Federally based lobby group and we won’t work for ‘ONE dog beach’, as we work for equity based on population. It’s only Sydney that has such draconian measures.

Policies are for access to beaches, parks, accommodation and transport and are found on the web. Our work on the NSW Election should clarify policy as well.

As for the name, point taken. There are pros and cons. We have Barking Mad Equity for Pet Owners trademarked as well, so we often use the whole phrase rather than just Barking Mad.