Thursday, 31 July 2008

Irony: What's wrong with this picture?

Barking Mad welcomes the CCAC. They "take a fresh approach to solving animal management issues", argue against 'quick-fixes' and advocate using high quality evidence based information. We LOVE using facts instead of political point-scoring! However, we can not tolerate double standards.

This lovely photo, found at 'about us' on the Centre for Companion Animals in the Community website depicts a normal day-to-day action of many carers for children, yet in NSW it is "against the law". Why? Well, pooch is just too close to a child's play area, and yes, the fine is at least $330.

This is a stupid law; it discriminates against the largest demographic of dog owners - families with children. Are we being trite? No way. Dogs are shown in television shows and advertising on the beach, yet Sydney councils claim they have a right to declare 'no dogs on beaches', Lotto used a border collie on a beach pushing a lotto ball to advertise our gambling culture. It goes on and on. Dogs are used in real estate and home furnishings advertising, yet try to rent with a pet and see how you are treated. Take you dog to an open house and see if you are welcome inside! The value of a companion dog is not in marketing or advertising; the value is to the loving owners and a community that experiences their loyalty and companionship. We need this value to be recognised in policy so we don't get stupid laws that say Mum can't can't toddler and dog to the local park.

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