Saturday, 12 July 2008

Return Shane to the Front Page

Shane Warne had as big a run with photos in the Herald as have Belinda and Co. We now know who they all are. How come we have a court MAGISTRATE, Pat O'Shane pleading guilty to drink driving after months of denial and no photos with her nickers on the washing line, or her walking into work, etc? It would take a reporter just a morning or two at Downing Centre local court to observe her demeanor while at the bench (not a public servant and not answerable to parliament), and without doubt leaving Belinda’s alleged short-temper and abusive language fading into nothingness when compared to the words of Ms. O’Shane. People DIE from drunk driving, do they DIE from providing customer service in a restaurant? No, they don't. The media is a powerful and fickle lover.

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