Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dad - and even more . . .

In memory of my Dad and all the other pet-rescue people, lets sing “Out in the Catskill Mountains” from the Garrison Keillor CD "Songs of the Cat"

On an afternoon in the month of June,
A wistful cat sat cryin
For her owners were not good to her,
A cousin of the lion.
On her plate was glued some dried-up food
She cared not to examine.
And as she wept, she sat and dreamt
Of the land of milk and salmon

Oh the fresh cat fish in the china dish
Where the cream flows from a fountain.
On the high plateau where the catnip grows
Out in the Catskill Mountains

Out in the Catskill Mountains
The land of the big feed trough.
The couches all are comfortable
And no one kicks you off.
The dogs are tough to honor cats
As beautiful and holy.
And the birds are found right on the ground.
And the mice run very slowly……..

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