Tuesday, 10 June 2008

All Welcome Including Dogs & Tired Walkers

It may come as no surprise that a large percentage of Barking Mad Members have lived or travelled overseas where socialised dogs accompany their owners (AND THEIR CHILDREN) to all manner of places. It may also be concluded, though not yet proven, that those Australians who think dogs are vermin may not be so well travelled.....

We love this photo sent to us by a member who comments:

"Apart from the incredible culture and beauty of Florence we were also struck by this phenomenon -the popularity of dogs and how they are welcomed in the main squares, and would you believe in a number of smart boutiques and stores. In was quite wonderful to be greeted each day in the breakfast room by the resident dog Poldo. The streets are not covered with dog pooh which one therefore assumes this freedom to dogs and their owners must bring about mutual respect .

Britain has always been a nation of dog lovers and certainly this has not changed, with so many country pubs and areas welcoming man and his best friend. We were missing our 2 mini schnauzers very much, but we were compensated by many a canine friend to cuddle and talk to. There was a greater percentage of holiday accommodation that readily accepted dogs, quite unlike in Australia.

One of our best memories was a visit to a delightful restaurant in Norfolk which overlooked the marshes of the Wash. After lunch we joined the many families and their dogs on a delightful walk, truly doggy heaven and then enjoyed tea on the terrace where the same hospitality was extended to the children, their parents and their beautiful dogs.

We love living in Sydney having left UK nearly 5 years ago to retire here, but we are always amazed at the bureaucracy surrounding dog owners and the tension that exists in pursuing less restrictive laws for dogs and their owners, certainly unheard of in Europe."


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jessica said...

what a lovely article. I have travelled in some countries and being quite distressed by the sight of starving, reviled or ill treated dogs. From now on I intend only going to countries where dogs are respected and included.Hopefully Australia will not follow the path of some of its neighbours or I will need to dust off my UK passport.