Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dogs: Fight or Flight?

It's often said that the best way to introduce one dog to another is in the same situation, i.e. both on a lead, or both on a lead. I've heard it explained that this because of their 'fight or flight' animal nature, and on a lead, 50% of their choice is taken away. Don't panic professional dog trainers - Barking Mad is not and does not profess to be dog trainers; I'm just repeating what I've heard and trying to make a joke!

Because FLIGHT now has turned into travel on Qantas for Kane (above) and a very joyful experience for the flight attendants. Kane was a star, completely settled. It was reported that two other assistance dogs last week would not settle for the entire flight. Good on you Kane and good on his guardian for putting up with the daily discrimination for having a self-trained assistance animal.

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